I Don’t Care…

It’s a popular song but the reality is that almost to a tee we all do care, and yet it’s a sad indictment on conversations about successful enterprises that we dismiss people as greedy or uncaring when they become wealthy. Now I’ve never met Geoffrey Edelsten, for all I know the stereotypical uncaring rich snobs tag may well apply to him but who knows, it’s irrelevant as there are always exceptions to any rule.  The truth is that almost all of us do care about those who are unfortunate enough not to be able to look after themselves.  Conversations about “rule of the jungle” are antiquated nonsense that are just a misnomer in the real world.

Open hand, give me five

When I’m presenting I always have to explain that understanding the differences between economic theory, and there are two main schools, it is essential to realise that the one school which makes sense ie market driven, is not about every man for himself.  The starting point of neo-classical economics is the social compact.  The need to create a society that is capable of providing for us all including the disadvantaged and infirm, the young and the elderly who are down on their luck or unfortunate to be born or develop disabilities that exclude them from being able to take advantage of the equal opportunities that the rest of us enjoy.

It really annoys me when conversations about society being about more than money suggest that we can live in a world without money because “corporate” greed is the cause of our problems.  If the starting point is that we want to deliver the social compact then we need to be having conversations about how to set the conditions that allow enterprise to flourish and for society to understand the importance of enterprises being prosperous.

Too many people from the many conversations I have had do not understand our income taxation system, do not understand tax concessions or how company tax flows through as revenue but not as income for government.  They do not understand the basics of how money is used in an economy and the consequences of regulation posing a handbrake on the robustness and strength in an economy.  This is why I often refer to the emotive discourse of envy and take people up and confront their opinions.

I’ve said many times that I don’t know everything, but after achieving financial independence at a relatively young age, I do like to believe I know a few things especially about the topics I speak on ie the benefits of prosperous enterprises and how to be profitable in business.  No matter what you want to achieve in life, it is all about money; without it you cannot help anyone; yourself, family or any other.  Every measure of social wellbeing for over 200 years of collated data clearly shows that humankind only improves as it becomes more prosperous.  It’s time we started having conversations about how to change the cause of problems in society and it begins with understanding how to become prosperous.

I’m not saying mind you that everyone has to focus on becoming wealthy or even financially independent for that matter, but it is important that we only understand why it is so important to us all that there are people who strive to do that and how it benefits each and every one of us.


Trevor Dixon

Chairman Small Business Foundation

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