“No Amount of Insight will open a Closed Mind”

We have a responsibility to fight for or risk losing our Freedoms. Neither climate change nor fundamental extremism poses the greatest threat to our way of life, rather its our own ignorance, apathy and idleness …

What are you prepared to do?


I Don't Care...It's a popular song but the reality is that almost to a tee we all do care, and yet it's a sad indictment on conversations about successful enterprises that we dismiss people as greedy or uncaring when they become wealthy.
I'm Not Always RightTwo things in life I know for absolute certainty; not everyone will agree with everything I say and I often change my opinion on things.  These are both very important things to understand about yourself and the key to finding solutions to simple problems with complex issues.
Is Government a BusinessSmall businesses have an imperative unlike any other sector of society, it's called cashflow and it is this very vulnerability that makes us in my view, the most important part of the economy.
Poisoned Chalice or Sweet FruitDavid Gillespies bestselling book Sweet Poison on the danger of a high sugar diet in todays modern world demonstrates one of the negative outcomes from economic advantage and is a salient warning that with increased wealth there are also risks that we need to be conscious of.
Cheque's in the MailWe've all extended the courtesy of trading terms to a customer only to have to chase up a payment after it has gone beyond the due date.  It's an old cliché that they have posted the cheque and is used to avoid the embarrassing conversation that they haven't or can't pay us.
Society needs to UnplugI often get asked how I manage to fit everything in that I do and my default position is to jokingly reply that there are 36 hours in every day.
Bureaucracy gone MadHave you ever dealt with a government owned enterprise (GOE) let alone a government agency and been frustrated to tears by the level of bureaucracy encountered...
Protectionism Doesn't Protect JobsIn 1860 at Lambing Flat, NSW miners collectively banded together, rioting in protest of Chinese work practices on the goldfields.  Chinese mining methods used more water than European methods, and such practices were not appreciated in a country known for its heat and droughts.