The Emotive Discourse of Envy

I often get into trouble for stating that most peoples opinions are based on emotion and hold little context when scrutinised against the yardstick of facts. I don’t make this observation lightly simply to proves a position of superior intellect… Quite the opposite, most people who know me understand that I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed; I do however like to think I am not the dumbest either! The reason for being deliberately confrontational is to get us thinking about what is really going on and getting to the root cause of our problems rather than a superficially shallow discussion around the obvious symptoms that manifest themselves.

The issue of Greece is not just a Greek issue. Their ruling class and international capital created their situation. Why should the Greek people pay for their ruling class greed? We are doing the same. The sooner we all recognise that and change society the better the world will be

Capitalism or Socialism concept. Street sign pointing to opposite direction. Choose between.

Capitalism or Socialism  Choose between.

Quite simply, because they have a democracy which indeed is the very basis that all democracies are based on! If what you say is true, and I’m not saying it is, then the people elected their “ruling class” and mandated the policies that they are now suffering as a consequence of and are expected to contribute to solving….

What are the alternatives that you want to change to if not a democracy that elects governments to implement lawful expenditure and taxation policies?

Are you really suggesting, that we have a genuine democracy? “lawful expenditure” we spent more on Gallipoli than the British whose war it was, cuts have taken place in almost every area of public need, not even going near taxation, and who doesn’t pay it. Having the right to vote does not a democracy make. Go on google and type in steps to fascism and examine where we in relation to democracy, tell me what you think after reading the steps

I have never advocated that our system is perfect but have consistently stated that it has achieved more for mankind than any other since our existence on this planet. The real conversation here is if you can demonstrate anything different to what has been tried before and can explain how it will achieve better results then lets discuss it.

My entire argument is that emotive discourse on a basis of envy does not inform any discussion about a better system than the one we have… and yes when our elected government has to pass through parliament its budget every year, we have lawful expenditure based on democracy.

So, what do you suggest is the alternative to the system we have where the citizens of this great country elect their representatives, who then pass legislation and every three years under our constitution we decide if they are doing what we want them to do?

It sounds OK, but when you have two major parties dominated by capital, both national and international, and when the trade unions are muzzled, and the media is a joke, what changes when we vote. “lawful expenditure based on democracy” I don’t think so, and I don’t think the one million living below the poverty line or 350,000 without secure housing or the sick an disabled or the six people fighting for every individual job, nor families not able to afford education for their kids and on and on and on. Sure they can vote, big deal

We can discuss an alternative when we agree that the current system has failed. Failed nationally and happy to debate how it has failed internationally.

Show me how the current system has failed… very interested to understand that? I agreed with you that it wasn’t a perfect system already, no argument on it being perfect so not sure why you’ve asked me that question. So, what is the alternative? How do we create a better system for people to prosper that can achieve better results than you have pointed out as the failings in a market based democratic economy?

As a student of politics I do have an alternative, is socialism. Now you will say, like many, that it didn’t work, my response to that is, we have to make it work, because capitalism certainly doesn’t and can’t because it is based entirely on profit not need, and we are in a new paradigm where international capital controls the world and they certainly are not going to share the wealth, what is your alternative or do you think we can make capitalism work for the majority and if so, how?

Now, I push hard truisms in debates because I know we can create a more prosperous society. Yes, you are right in what I would say about socialism but that’s not the point of the conversations I get involved in.

I’m not about inane attempts to “disprove” someone else’s opinions, that’s egocentric and self serving; my interest is in starting discussions and dialogue about misconceptions and misunderstandings about why things are not working as well as they could and how we can do them better…

I admire Thomas Picketty’s work very much; he has conducted an incredibly deep body of research and draws powerful conclusions from it. He is in the game, but I believe that his starting premises are wrong and that rather than proving socialism is an alternative that must be explored because capitalism has failed, we should be looking at his overarching premise to begin with.

I believe he actually demonstrates why an understanding of how setting the conditions for an equal opportunity for everyone to prosper is critical to lift people out of poverty. This is not a “rule of the jungle”, it is a level paying field for return on effort. My objective is to start a conversation in society on how we can elect great politicians to implement a system that works for all of us, we can use our democracy to deliver a strong social compact protecting those who cannot look after themselves while at the same time continue the meteoric rise in wellbeing for all mankind that prosperity brings.

I agree completely with your observation about both major political parties; many people make a natural assumption that I am a right wing thinker but that is a two dimensional concept I do not ascribe to, fascists and socialists will not solve the problems of the world despite the best of intentions either may start out with. We need to be creating an understanding of the social fabric on a multi-dimensional basis and electing like-minded politicians.

I can go into quite a detailed explanation of that but on Facebook it is a bit difficult to write up a thesis. You can however as a starting point check out the manifesto of my not-for-profit foundation here:

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