I’m Not Always Right

Two things in life I know for absolute certainty; not everyone will agree with everything I say and I often change my opinion on things.  These are both very important things to understand about yourself and the key to finding solutions to simple problems with complex issues.  The stated objective of the Small Business Foundation is to eradicate global poverty; a perfect example of this conundrum.

Red one hundred percent

I attract people with enquiring minds to the foundation, those amongst society who have fixed dogma are fairly quickly found wanting as their opinions are based on emotive confrontative styles of leadership.  It’s fairly easy for an informed mind to see the lack of substance in emotive arguments and point out the flaws, a big person will reconsider their position and change their mind.  To often than not though, self-interest agendas or personal ego will see them move on.  That’s great because no amount of insight will open a closed mind and we need thinkers to solve the big problems of the world.

The first half of the truisms about myself I pointed out was that it’s impossible no matter how informed you are and how persuasive you are that 100% of the people will agree with 100% of your ideas.  This is a more important principle to understand than having an open mind to change your opinion when you find out more information or perspective; the reason for saying this is that the solution to our problems lies in the fact that we are all individuals.  An approach of centralised control by governments to implement services or solutions does nor work because at our core, everyone is different.  Economics are simple but economies are complex and when one hat fits all is implemented the different people involved at the delivery end of the equation become dissatisfied.

We are all the same in that no-one will agree with us all the time, even our strongest supporters will not so why do we persist with accepting the same old problems from our politicians and not demand a different approach.  Yesterday I was talking about how privatisation of health services would produce a better outcome, again not everyone will agree with that approach but the key is that we need to become informed and have intelligent not emotive conversations.  Because we are all different, a one hat fits all solution implemented by State governments does not work; another alternative is to get local government to run hospitals.  Local politicians know far better the individuality of the people they represent and are far better informed about local problems than their State or Federal counterparts.  And another solution is to get local community leaders run their hospitals, again because they understand local issues.

The key point here is that decision making is made by individuals, not by a centralised thought policeman who tells us how to feel, think, act; we know that’s true and thats what’s important in business.  We have to determine how to explain the value of what we are selling to consumers in a way that they understand and with a desire to pay the price we ask.  Solving our problems is exactly the same, it’s an individual transaction to appreciate and understand the value being provided so why do we persist with having a bureaucracy detached from the transaction as the panacea of how we deliver government services…

Collective will  cannot solve our problems, collective intelligence, hard work and a desire to benefit others as well as yourself is the way to go in my humble opinion.  Are you of a similar mind, do you want to be part of the solution, do you think that starting conversations in the wider community based on sensible understanding of whats really going on is the way to creating a healthier, wealthier and happier society?

If you do, then you are an individual that needs to contribute, find out more about the Small Business Foundation and ask me how to get involved…


Trevor Dixon

Chairman Small Business Foundation

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